La Prairie | The Equation of Light


The Science of Light, as defined by La Prairie, seeks to decipher the elements that impede skin's luminosity. Skin's colour spectrum comprises of natural pigments correlated with distinct skin layers. These pigments absorb light, in which white light becomes coloured light. Over time, these pigments increase, diminishing the natural glow of the complexion, leading to skin that appears older than it is—redness, dark spots, grey tones.

GREY: Dust and pollution accumulate on the skin's stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, creating a superficial veil that fades the healthy light of youthful skin.


A new chapter in La Prairie's heritage of revolutionary scientific research has come to light. Two parts construct the equation: colour and reflection. To reach optimum luminosity, it is essential to decrypt these two elements.

Light reflects seamlessly off the surface of youthful skin. With age, the skin's texture grows uneven and lines develop. In parallel, the collagen loses density and structure within the skin. Skin's ability to reflect light is hindered and its natural luminosity is muted.

A symbol of eternity and audacious beauty, the Matterhorn mountain of the Alps is the icon of Switzerland—one that epitomises La Prairie. My composition echoes the dramatic peaks through aqueous reflection, evocative of a mirror containing the mountain's breathtaking allure.


After years of research, La Prairie created the White Caviar Collection: Crème Extraordinaire + Illuminating Pearl Infusion.

The duo is enriched with Golden Caviar Extract, which firms skin, enhancing its light-reflecting ability. La Prairie's Exclusive Cellular Complex employs biotechnology to give new life and energy back to the very cells where beauty is born. The skincare targets essential cells and extracellular matrix components to lift and rejuvenate, leading to more youthful skin that is luminous and less grey. Together, they respond to the Equation of Light.

My creative direction for this triptych series was inspired by the ethereal textures of the Earth and the celestial radiance of the Moon. Hidden light is unlocked by the power of White Caviar.

Skin is illuminated from within.
The Equation of Light is decoded.

Partnership with La Prairie

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