Water Journal 3º

From the moment my eyes fall upon its intricate texture and I inhale deeply, filling my lungs with the ambrosial redolence, I am carried away to another world and I fall gently into a field with tall grass, graceful flowers, and balletic leaves that dance with the wind. Lemongrass and verbena mingle blissfully with lavender, mint, and sage—a beguiling synthesis evocative of a summer grassland. Airy and inspiriting. — Urban Koi

This is an excerpt from a new piece that I wrote titled: Tea. It is published in Water Journal - Volume 3º, released in June 2017. I reveal an ancient legend and the unique history of tea, as well as the different classes of tea: white, green, oolong, black, pu-erh, tisanes, and matcha. I explore a soupçon of tea sciencethe health benefits and properties that make tea so special. 

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Plum Rose Tarts

As a gastronomist, I have made it a tradition to bake a special dessert that I have never created before at the start of a new semester at university to symbolise the next chapter in life. The fruit tart is my favourite pastry, so I decided to design one with a striking flair—rustic plum rose and rice pudding tart—that is intricate and illuminates detail like an anatomical illustration.

Tea Solemnity

When I brew tea, it is much more than to hydrate or to have an alternative to coffee. It is a period of reflection—I envisage the past, the present, the future, and being at home within myself is restored. It is a rumination of self-improvement, contemplation, and quietude. To achieve the correct flavour, the correct colour, the correct consistency, the act of brewing tea requires artistry, patience, technique, and a precise scope of practise—it is an art. 

Loose leaf tea flavours are authentic; the petals and leaves are less processed and bear transcendental beauty. From the moment my eyes fall upon their intricate textures and I inhale deeply, filling my lungs with their ambrosial redolence, I am carried away to another world and I fall gently into a field with tall grass, graceful flowers, and balletic leaves that dance with the wind.

A beguiling synthesis of Japanese Sencha and the enticing spirit of rose, accented with an embellishment of rose petals, possess a breath of grace and mystery. The chartreuse leaves of Sencha, fragile with accents of oceanic and verdant notes, harmonise with the lush fragrance of rose.

An exhilarant tropical brew of Chinese green and subtle Jasmine teas swathe within a haze of lush rose, marigold, and passionfruit—reminiscent of an afternoon rain and the fever experienced with the rush of young love.

A refined and distinguished concoction of white peony tea and French lavender with revitalising notes of bright grapefruit, at once casual yet opulent, dons its derivation lightly, floating delicately from morning until night.

A beautiful, herbal amalgam evocative of a summer grassland—lemongrass and verbena mingle blissfully with lavender, rose petals, mint, and sage. Airy and inspiriting.

Each tea tells a story. Each one is a circadian reprieve of peace amongst the chaos—my solemnity.

City Kitchen

I am ecstatic to introduce City Kitchen, a new trendy food market that curated the best restaurants in NYC under one roof, conveniently nestled in the heart of Times Square next to Row NYC. It just launched last week on March 5th! It is a one-stop for all, featuring off-the-grid restauranteurs' most crave-worthy fare from every NYC neighbourhood from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side and everywhere in between. As a foodie, I am incredibly thrilled to share photographs to tantalise your taste buds. With sushi, tacos, burgers, and doughnuts for days, I can say without a doubt that I will be a regular at City Kitchen. I hope you revel in your City Kitchen adventures! It is best seen and tasted in person.


Azuki: For all your sushi, sashimi, shumai, gyoza, and kani salad cravings, the sushi chefs make all the sushi fresh right in front of you. They also have Thai iced tea! My favourite is the Azuki roll.

Dough - @doughdoughnut: Often rated as the best doughnuts in the country, Dough brings unique and unexpected flavours inspired by European and Latin American desserts. My favourites are dulche de leche and passion fruit.

Gabriela’s - @gabrielasnyc: Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Gabriela's provides scrumptious tacos of every flavour, shrimp rellenos, empanadas, seafood ceviches (my favourite), and of course guacamole and chips.

ilili Box - @ililibox: With take-away Lebanese dishes combined with modern Mediterranean influence, ilili Box serves Duck Shawarma, Falafel Korean, Manoushe Bil Jibne, and you name it. I always return for their Green Lemonade, made with mint and cucumber - so refreshing!

Kuro Obi: A brand-new ramen offshoot from Ippudo, Kuro Obi offers brand-new ramen flavours made specifically to stand up to takeout. The ramen is so savoury and served pipping hot. We all know those long waits at ramen houses, so here is a new place.

Luke’s Lobster - @lukeslobster: Super delicious and quality lobster rolls, shrimp rolls, and crab rolls. Enough said.

Sigmund's Pretzel - @sigmundpretzels: With soft pretzels hand-twisted daily and always freshly baked in house, Sigmund's serves gourmet flavours of: salted classic, truffle cheddar, churro, everything, and feta olive.

Whitmans - @whitmansnyc: Grilling to perfection, Whitmans serves appetising juicy burgers featuring the Upstate Burger, Cheesesteak, and PB&B Burger, with beer and wines.

Wooly’s - @woolysnyc: Serving shaved 'snow', Wooly's features original, canned coffee, and matcha green tea shaved snow with endless toppings including various fruit, mochi, Pocky, and seasalt leche. This is one of my favourite vendors.