Travel Favourites

With parents who speak contrasting languages and a family tree diverse in ethnicities, I was brought up open-minded, accepting of all cultures, and I have learned to embrace my multicultural heritage. From linguistics to cuisine to fashion to lifestyle habits—it is all incredibly fascinating to me. So, I am onto my next adventure—I am returning to the UK for study abroad to delve deeper into my British family history. Although this is not my first time travelling overseas, it is my first time studying abroad and I am excited to be exploring Manchester, Leeds, and more of London—to name a few cities.

I am a light packer as I value functionality and practicality, so I typically do not bring any luggage that needs to be checked. Most of the time, I bring a roomy carry-on duffel or capacious backpack and a camera bag (which bears ample pockets for toiletries) and utilise military-style packing. Anything else that may be found, provided, or easily purchased abroad if needed, I leave behind. Displayed here are some travel favourites.

Gypsy Water + Blanche Hand Cream: Byredo
Travel Kit: Aesop
Charcoal Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush: Ernest
Void Watch: Anekdote
Leather Gloves: Coach
Button-down: Korean Boutique in NYC
Flats: ASKA
Boots: UNIF
Bow Ties: Topman
Waterproof Clutch + Drypack: Vicious Venom