Tavalon Tea

I am sure most have come to realise that I am quite the tea aficionado—I consume more tea than I do plain water. As mentioned in a previous entry, tea is much more than a refreshment to me. It is a daily ritual, a precious moment to reflect upon my life—a rumination of self-improvement, contemplation, and quietude. Moreover, I find tea to be exceedingly versatile in terms of the infinite flavours which it can be blended, its countless methods it may be prepared, and its immeasurable health benefits. Needless to say, I hold a high standard and take my teas quite seriously.

However, tea is often eclipsed by the seemingly omnipresent coffee empire, so I find it especially rare to stumble upon high quality full-leaf teas. I am often disenchanted by the commercial brands prominent in the market today. Because the vast majority of teas are imported from across the globe, by the time the tea reaches your teacup, it could already be half stale. Over the years, I have discovered that most teas are undistinguished or extremely brittle and resemble the texture of sand—unnecessarily over-processed and frequently contain preservatives or artificial flavouring, often leaving a dry, chalky aftertaste on the palate. 

In this journal entry, I am unveiling the future of tea—Tavalon. I remember opening one of their beautiful canisters for the first time and being instantly put under a spell by the heavenly aroma of Earl Grey Reserve, a colourful spin on the timeless black tea blend entwined with bergamot oil and blue cornflowers. Tavalon's notable freshness and high quality are undeniable, which led me to explore other blends, and I discovered my favourite Tavalon tea—Genmai Matcha, a classic Japanese blend of organic green tea with partially-roasted rice, and dusted with matcha green tea powder, resulting in a sweet, slightly 'toasty' flavour.

One day, while buried in scientific analysis on my laptop at Joe Coffee on the corner of Columbia University, I faintly heard someone call my name, "Koi?" I looked up and it turned out to be John-Paul Lee, the Co-Founder of of Tavalon, who is also an advisor for Columbia Business students. We connected over our mutual thoughts regarding the current tea market, which are very much akin. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tavalon teas utilise premium essential oils instead of artificial flavouring, and are blended and carefully hand-packed at the time when one places the order in the country of the order. This enables the tea to retain its properties and extend its freshness, increasing its shelf-life to the fullest.

I am pleased to share an all-time favourite—Tavalon. For a discount on your entire order, please use my code at checkout: urbanxkoi