Paris in a New Light

I aimed to capture Paris in another light—to arouse another feeling, to conjure a peculiar emotion that wanders from the stereotypical whimsical photos of Paris—arcane, bold, yet wistful and still. When I travelled to France, it was mid-winter—there were no leaves or blooming flora—it was as if the city had shed its feathers into a deep slumber. I was lured to the shadows and dark elegiac light of mystérieux exposing the striking skeleton of Paris.

...your only responsibility as an artist is to get lost in and follow your obsessions as far as they go, because anything besides that is copying someone else or doing something that's not true to yourself. — Sam Beam

It is easy to go to the same location to emulate a photo that one may have seen. One may be inclined to photograph that particular place in an analogous fashion, or one may have predisposed thoughts that the way another captures a photo is the only perspective, the right approach. However, one would surely be mistaken; there are virtually endless angles and aspects—all brilliant and sui generis. Make the photo your own, your art, your voice. Create from within.