Omakase ソーシャル

I was graciously invited to an exquisite omakase sushi ソーシャル (social). The event was hosted in a Nomad loft space that was metamorphosed into a charming modern Japanese garden. For this set, I photographed using only an iPhone.

For the very first time, the notorious New York Times 3-star Sushi Yasuda took the restaurant out of its natural haven and displayed a rare and intricate experience guided by master sushi chefs Mitsuru Tamura and Tatsuya Sekiguchi in the art of sushi and its elegant tradition. To stimulate our palates, we were greeted with a sea bass, subtlety braised and punctuated with a small radish pickle. Various sushi plates were then gracefully ushered in one by one featuring tuna, ebi, yellowtail, salmon, fluke, mackarel, scallop, uni, fatty tuna with scallion, and sardine. The omakase was accented by a noodle dish with a light fish broth and genmaicha 玄米茶 (brown rice tea). My personal favourite of the day was the sea bass; it was decadent and savory.

The rice, feather-light and delicate with a sweetness and perfect stickiness, is transcendental. — Haidee Granger

The drinks were curated by Chizuko Niikawa (formerly of Sakagura) and provided a delicate balance to the delectable fare. The custom cocktails were mixed by 13th Street Cocktail Company and complimented the ambience and dishes well, leaving a lingering freshness after each sip. My favourite was the Josetsu 如拙, a perfect amalgam of green tea infused sake, cinnamon, shiso leaf, lime, cucumber juice, and 13th Street Cocktail kumquat bitters. This could easily be my ultimate favourite thus far. We were gifted with a lovely succulent terrarium and a beautifully illustrated "Japan-ophile's" New York City guide as a token to remember the occasion.

Thank you Sosh and Melting Butter for presenting such a charismatic and delicious event.