London +

I realise it has been a while since my last blog post. I went on an eventful, yet rewarding hiatus for a few weeks after my solo trip abroad due to university, lab research, photo shoots, and work at the hospital. As one who lives every aspect of life wholeheartedly, I was saving my next entry for a time when I was not consumed with exams on respiratory acidosis, buried in a 30-page research paper on quantum mechanics, extracting DNA, streak plating thousands of unicellular flagellates, and taking care of sundowning patients who curiously become cantankerous while telling bizarre stories of the 6th dimension and pocketbooks and batting everything in sight—all simultaneously—so that I could devote my full attention to writing. Needless to say, every day at the hospital has been truly exhilarating and my patients have shown me invaluable wisdom that has opened my eyes to a new world.

While many are attracted to the equator for the salvation of warmth, I find myself gravitating toward the poles of the Earth. A few weeks ago, I began my Spring Holiday trip in London visiting family and continued to Paris and Oslo. London is one of my favourite cities I have traveled to thus far and dare I say, I adore London more than Paris. London is trim, polished, and the brisk, chilly climate is one that I fancy—the city just suits my personality. Paris is lovely, however, I feel that Paris is unduly romanticised and that the allure and crisp elegance of London is quite often underrated.

My days began at 3am. As I stepped out the door, my lungs would fill with wintry zephyr. It felt energising and restorative. The beautiful fog loomed over the city—the stillness and lull was spellbinding. I rode the Tube to explore iconic sites like the London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament Square, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and a few art galleries. I also gave Dippy the Diplodocus a visit at the Natural History Museum. I was warned by previous UK visitors that the food was mediocre in its essence, however, I had a different experience and delighted in the cuisine of the restaurants and cafés. My favourite was at a dapper Japanese-inspired coffee shop where I took great pleasure in a shrimp katsu sandwich, iced coffee, and matcha strawberry cake for dessert while reading the latest Monocle. As I sit here, typing and retyping descriptions to my photographs, I realise that there are no words good enough, expressive enough, just enough, and that they must be left wordless, unadulterated, and left to the imagination. 

It is invigorating to travel solo. You realise how small you are and you just feel so free. Limitless.