Le Labo

When I first discovered Le Labo one year ago, I was drawn in—tout de suite. The design and encasings of the formulations are minimal, yet dignified and refined. Each bottle of fragrance is conscientiously compounded using precise measurements of laboratory glassware, meticulously labeled, and personalised with the utmost care by hand. To attain the apotheosis of freshness, every creation is artfully amalgamated and coalesced by an au fait chemist right before the receiver using the finest ingredients sourced from Grasse, France. When one collects a crafted, well-balanced fragrance from Le Labo, it is said to be an everlasting emotional connection to the brand. 

Wandering to a Le Labo parfumerie is like a serendipity at a classic apothecary that has transmogrified into a polished, contemporary lab. The spaces are charming with a touch of vintage flair and I shall be returning to document them in the future. As a scientist, I cannot help but beam with joie de vivre when I stumble upon commodities codified with a scientific method foundation. Upon opening just one bottle, one will be greeted with deep, soulful scents—sultry fusions of bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, and rose.

The City Exclusives collection is composed of 9 sui generis fragrances and each scent is available exclusively in the city it belongs to, nowhere else. This means that one must venture to a Le Labo boutique in the city designated to the scent. However, Le Labo has allowed each city to be obtainable to the world for a limited time. Sample vials to experience each city before committing will be present starting on August 1st and the full bottles will be available for 4 weeks starting on September 1st, 2015.

Tubereuse 40 (New York) - Tuberose, bergamot, tangerine, and orange flower.
Vanille 44 (Paris) - Subtle amber and wood notes with undertones of vanilla.
Poivre 23 (London) - Warm, spicy, oriental, with true Bourbon pepper.
Musc 25 (Los Angeles) - Angelic, musky, aldehydic, and luminous with a dark core.
Baie Rose 24 (Chicago) - Spicy, woody, yet fresh. "Pure refinement and memorability."
Limette 37 (San Francisco) - Bergamot, jasmine, and petit grain, with vetiver and tonka bean base notes.
Gaiac 10 (Tokyo) - Gaiac wood with 4 different types of musks, cedar, and olibanum.
Benjoin 19 (Moscow) - Mosaic of olibanum, amber, cedar, and musks.
Cuir 28 (Dubai) - Animalic tar version of vanilla with leathery oriental undertones.