Marble La Roche

CLUSE tells a story of people who find beauty in simplicity. However, simple does not mean plain. According to CLUSE, it means being grounded, sophisticated, and true to oneself—freeing your mind of diversions and focused only on the truly important aspects of life. With this philosophy, CLUSE is committed to creating timepieces that exude minimalism, class, and the epitome of refinement. "CLUSE is there not only to indicate time, but to define your best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity." 

Designed to compliment one's individuality, this CLUSE La Roche watch features a genuine white marble dial, crafted from raw stone. Every piece is one of a kind with a natural veining pattern, which makes each La Roche timepiece entirely unique. Loyal to the CLUSE minimal aesthetic, this collection features a 38 mm case with a matte black finish and a black leather strap for a bold, yet elegant look. 

As someone who owns nearly everything marble or marble-themed, I am incredibly keen with La Roche as it is one of the few watch designs available currently that implements genuine marble.


Partnership with CLUSE